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Excerpt from the translation "Sex №2":


Chapter One


Why are we having sex?


Ask yourself:

- What does a man do every time he makes love?

Perhaps you will answer:

She begets children and is delighted with mating.

Yes, conception does take place, but only in isolated cases. So what do we do in all of the remaining hundreds, thousands of times we have sex in our lifetime? Starting from our youth, when we get to know each other under the covers, and then we meet our partner secretly on dates when our parents are away. What do we do after maturity, having a family, and having children?


What are all those people who have intercourse at home on a love bed, in a hotel room, in a car, on a kitchen table, in a bathroom, secretly or openly, with loved ones or for money? In fact, what, over and over again, going from one variant to another, is played by everyone who unites their genitals for a few minutes?


Have you already answered?


Or maybe you think that the answer to these questions is very easy and obvious? You may have already discovered the correct answer that does not impress you with its obviousness. Besides, what does it mean that the answer is "correct"? Everyone has their own truth and "rightness", doesn't they?

Meanwhile, the point is that every time people have sex for pleasure (except in cases where they "make babies"), they are recreating what they would be doing if they were "making babies"!

Have you noticed how the meaning of the words has changed? I propose to read the above sentence again. It seems obvious, but most of the time we don't think about it until we get our immediate attention, or it is too late.


Every time people have sex, they recreate what they are doing to 'father a child'. This is the biggest scam in the world. It takes place "under our noses" and almost nobody notices it!


Man no longer tries to father a child, but continues to do what he would do to extend the species. And this regardless of whether he does it "out of love", "for pleasure" or "in the marriage duty". How many pairs, there are so many reasons why we decide to come closer.

However, no matter what our motives are, the means do not correspond to the end. It's like buying a chocolate factory to fill you with chocolate as you please. Or, buy a travel agency to go on a trip abroad using a discount. In other words, we are talking about unreasonable use of resources, using a mechanism intended for completely different purposes. It is drinking water from a sieve instead of a glass.


Think it over ...

Do people actually have sex for pleasure, or is it a brilliantly planned and consequently self-deception in which millions of people participate without even suspecting it? Maybe the little pleasure is just a bait on a hook? Maybe a man swallowing a hook can no longer spit it out and becomes a source of energy for someone else entirely ?!

Let us look at this issue from a distance, calmly and without emotions, not defending our ideas about ourselves and not justifying ourselves that "we have been taught this way and we know no other version".


Let us look at the process of mating a man and a woman to see what it actually looks like. Not as we would like to see ourselves or what it looks like in a perfect version, but completely honestly, without understatement or shamefully omitting important aspects.


Let's start with the most important and best experience available to the human body - orgasm. This is an aspect that has already been said a lot and is shown in all kinds of films - from blatant pornography to respected cinematographic masterpieces. This is the most important aspect that is the goal of most sexual intercourse, and which is actually most often just simple ejaculation, accompanied by the release of hormonal pressure and mental discharge that has little to do with real orgasm.


Modern mankind is a society of drug addicts addicted to hormones of satisfaction. Man has become a draft donkey pulling a burden beyond his strength of energy expenditure and chasing an orgasm like the proverbial carrot hanging in front of his nose, which he will not taste anyway.


This tempting carrot is just a tiny portion of a hormone drug that our brain releases when we ejaculate. We are all only sexual drug addicts addicted to this drug of happiness, which causes us to lie contented and relaxed staring at the ceiling after the intercourse is over, without even noticing that someone much more penetrating absorbs a huge amount of energy originally intended to create a new human. According to our Creator's intention, orgasm is to create a new man at the peak of excitement. And a hormonal drug is needed here so that the moment of huge energy losses would be a joyful experience for us. It's kind of a cheat, and the real essence of having an orgasm is that we are to extract the maximum of our best and give it to our offspring.


If we are still chasing this kind of pleasure, we are no different from a donkey carrying a huge load in the hope of trying a coveted carrot, which may not be a carrot at all, but a plastic dummy used by some invisible donkey drivers to keep them working for them. suspecting their situation.

That's why everyone thinks about orgasm, but only gets ejaculate with a dose of the satisfaction drug "encouragement." Meanwhile, the illusory carrot remains unattainable for us to keep recreating it in the hope of experiencing an orgasm. Most have not even tasted the "carrot" and have not the slightest idea what a real orgasm is.


The matter is serious, and probably many readers will ask where the evidence of this claim is and what this true orgasm is.


Indeed, it is not an easy concept, and each person has his or her own "absolutely correct" view of it. Therefore, I need time to share all the knowledge on this subject, so that we can understand all types of orgasms together. One thing is certain: before the full picture of the subject appears at the end of this book, we must consider the various aspects of this knowledge from different angles, explaining its energetic, physiological and spiritual nature.


I propose a revealing journey into the world of intimate relationships. Remember when you first discovered your sexuality as a blank slate without any assumptions or opinions about the intimate side of life. Try to reexamine what you already know and what every schoolboy apparently knows. I can assure you that you will discover a lot of new and interesting things during this journey.



A caring mother, overcoming embarrassment, finally decided to make her daughter aware of intimate matters.

- Baby, it's time to talk about sex.

- Okay, what can I explain to you?


I sincerely believe that in an open conversation through this book, the author will be of the utmost help and will not resemble the mother in the anecdote giving her daughter late advice. Nor will she be a daughter believing that she already knows everything and has the right to teach others.


When you read this book, and then when you think back to it, the author wants to be a good companion, a person with whom you can confidently talk about things that have been interesting, disturbing and mind-boggling for a long time. A person who can suggest certain thoughts and even answer questions that may help in intimate life. Above all, however, I want to provide you with unique information that can be searched for independently for years.


This is important:

Every time people have sex for pleasure, they are recreating what they would be doing if they "made babies"! It is like drinking water through a sieve or buying a chocolate factory to fill you with chocolate as you please.

There is a change of the goal and the way of achieving the desired one, man becomes a source of energy for other beings, not getting the necessary pleasure.

Everyone strives for orgasm during sex, but the most common hormonal and physiological discharge is the result of oxytocin and dopamine entering the bloodstream, and in most cases this is not only not true orgasm, but its opposite.

Real orgasm is the result of the partners' polar energies merging, their mutual interaction and rapid multiplication, not the loss of vital life forces and wasted innermost parts of the soul.

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