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Support for the publication of the latest book by Luczis - SEX № 2

What are the reasons people have sex, and why they often don't get the satisfaction they expect?

Tantric Master - Luczis in his latest book in an accessible way describes the second model of sex - SEX №2, the practice of which not only eliminates energy losses, but also allows you to fully preserve vital energy, and even significantly increase it and develop spiritually.


The book is a revealing journey into the world of intimate relationships, and the exceptionally clear message makes it understandable and indispensable for every person who needs to grow in love, wants to love and be loved.

Join the translation and publication support initiative and make a donation! By helping us, you will contribute to spreading high values, especially relevant in the new times :)


Fragment of the translation:


More about the author:


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Serdecznie dziękujemy :)


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