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The Fifth Noble Truth of the Buddha

Once I heard the words of the Buddha ..

Life is a manifestation of love and hate.


From birth to death, man inevitably experiences suffering.


Suffering arises because of unrealized selfish desires.


Rejecting the feelings caused by suffering leads to a desire to avoid them.


Man begins to desire again, which causes further suffering.


This is how the circle of samsara arises, the infinite number of reincarnations.


Man forgets his divine nature and falls asleep.



Freedom from suffering is freedom from desire.



To free yourself from desire you should:


- feeling - which caused the desire to be accepted, realized, passed through and expressed


- return the desire (its energy and program to

the source of the centre of human egoism - KUNDABUFER¹)






This is the fifth and most important noble truth of the Buddha. Everything you find on this site should clarify this noble truth and make you awaken in the Love of Life .

1. Kundabufer - The term refers to the practice of expressing selfish desires. More about working with Kundabufer in the recordings:


Ego and Kundabufer


Desires, kundabufer and primary causes of life failures



2. Intentional suffering - The term refers to the practice of performing actions that are contrary to selfish desires. More about the practice in the video:


EGO - its influence on the creation of our lives


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